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SJFFA promotes 
Growing healthy food
Eating healthy food
Buying LOCAL fresh food
in the Peel Region
SJFFA head


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The SJ Food & Farm Alliance is Building a LOCAL food network 

Educating in sustainable healthy living
Passing on LOCAL skills & knowledge
Catering with healthy food options

Latest News

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Why it is important to know where your food is grown!
This is the first event of our new series of 6 workshops designed to assist women who are involved with growing and marketing food in the Peel region 

In this workshop we will learn the benefits of buying local food....

1. The economic and nutritional benefits that are gained by supporting local growers that accrues to the whole community.

2. Develops strong relationships between people who grow and produce food, and helps to build food security for the consumer and land tenure for the farmers.

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Exciting visit to WA by a world renowned soil ecologist...


We would like to publicly thank Dr Christine Jones for her Light Farming presentations, in combination with the switch your thinking, science week program. The information she has given to farmers and all people who want to grow something is amazing. If you feel the need to continue to follow the Liquid Carbon Pathway that she talks about visit her website www.amazingcarbon.com

All of those who came and listened to Christine now have a great opportunity to learn how to put her information to good use -

Coming up we have another series of workshops...stay tuned for more information.

Who is this you might say?

Well, we can tell you that it is a lady called 

Christine Jones.

Dr Christine Jones is an internationally recognised and highly respected soil ecologist and founder of Carbon for Life and we are very very excited to bring her to you.

Read on.....


 Christine has a wealth of experience working with innovative landholders to implement regenerative land management techniques that enhance biodiversity, increase biological activity, sequester carbon, activate soil nutrient cycles, restore water balance, improve productivity and create new topsoil.

In conjunction with switch your thinking we are able to hold TWO very special events with Christine.

These symposiums will explore regenerative agriculture and help landholders understand how these ideas can be implemented in a local context.

The first workshop is aimed at large scale commercial farmers and landholders on the coastal plain from Perth to Bunbury. (click here for tickets)

Proudly supported by... 


The second one will be more suitable for Peri-Urban farmers, (click here for tickets) large and small and is one of the 6 workshops being presented by the SJ Food and Farm Alliance on behalf of the 

switch your thinking program for national science week 2018.

These workshops will be held in the heart of the Peel Region, Serpentine and Keysbrook, for information on the other 5 workshops (click here)

Also check out our Facebook page for ongoing discussions.


Check out the latest piece of equipment that the SJFFA has obtained....particularly important for growers of Macadamia Nuts.

Many many thanks to all of our fabulous VOLUNTEERS who did a great job on a great day  at the Food and Farm Fest.

We hope you all enjoyed yourselves and we look forward to an even better event next year!

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Our Vision
To support the Serpentine Jarrahdale Shire as a hub for sustainable peri-urban agriculture in the Peel (south of Perth)

Our Mission
To champion annual educational activities that support Peri-urban agriculture and influence broader issues such as food security, benefiting community health and nutrition and increasing local economies.


Encourage healthy eating habits through education:-

Foster support for locally grown and value added  foods:-

Educate the community to access local fresh food, and understand the food supply chain:-

Raise awareness of the importance of small farms to community vitality and well being:-

Strengthen the relationship of urban communities to their surrounding agriculture and environment, through education:-

Click here to read about Food Sovereignty

Checking Soil

We will initially deliver these objectives through a schedule of events that focus on:

Food and small farm education programs in each community-
Visits to local farms-
Home gardening workshops-
Development of local food initiatives-
From 'Garden to Gate to Dinner Plate' cooking demonstrations-
And anything else that will foster a stronger relationship with the urban and agricultural community.