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Out and about...
with Merri and Ellen from SJ Food and Farm Alliance

They have been on a road trip for the past few weeks, visiting the wonderful farms and food outlets throughout the Serpentine Jarrahdale Shire. Interviewing and photographing the amazing people who have taken part so far has been wonderful and very illuminating.

The aim is to produce a coffee table book showcasing the food and other local products and the people involved and those who are developing tourism businesses.

Our website and face book page takes a peek into their lives and gives a taste of the book to come.

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Many thanks go to Colleen Rankin for taking the time to travel with Merri and Ellen on their road trips to take the great photos you see below.

Chez Deux Amiz

The Rowley brothers.

Michelle Sonego

Ros McKay

Caroline Moran

Coralie Parkin

Jan with her Banana trees growing in Jarrahdale!

Terry Coulthard

Gerald Bergsma

Jan Jones

Neil Kentish

Jennifer Leighton

Bob Fawcett - with Ellen @ Murdoch Farm, Whitby