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The SJ Food & Farm Alliance is Building a LOCAL food network 

Educating in sustainable healthy living
Passing on LOCAL skills & knowledge
Catering with healthy food options

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Latest News

Workshops begin for 2018 - see our calendar for more info.

Our book, Food and Farms in the Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale is still available, if you would like one click here

Here is a short video of goings on at "let's launch Food and Farms in SJ.

New events on our calendar have now been posted.

Members of the SJ Food and Farm Alliance have been on the road gathering information for upcoming events, click here to see more...

Thanks to all those who came to our Joel Salatin event, the feedback we have had is amazing. Checkout our Joel Salatin Event here  - and of course there is heaps of information on the  website.

Our Vision
To establish Serpentine-Jarrahdale and its communities as a hub for successful and sustainable Peri-urban agriculture and connected industries.

Our Mission
To champion annual educational and promotional activities that support Peri-urban agriculture and influence broader issues such as food security, increasing local economies and community health and nutrition.


Stimulate new Peri-urban economic development through small scale farming and direct marketing.

Cultivate awareness of healthy eating habits through education.

Foster support for Serpentine-Jarrahdale's regionally grown and processed foods.

Develop local access to affordable fresh food.

Raise awareness of the importance of small farms and small farm management.

Highlight the relationship of agriculture to urban communities and the environment.

To develop a 'Local Community Food Plan'.

Click here to read about Food Sovereignty

We will initially deliver these objectives through a schedule of events that focus on:

Food and small farm education programs in each community-
Visits to local farms-
Home gardening workshops-
Development of local food initiatives-
From 'Garden to Gate to Dinner Plate' cooking demonstrations-
And anything else that will foster a stronger relationship with the urban and agricultural community.